College Students


I have found this upcoming election to be hard for me as student and as a voting member. The parties and candidates have not made it easy to see what is clear and what their true intentions are. As a college student and board member at my student union, it is very important to me that we have a government in place that cares about students and the services they need to be successful in their academic careers. Colleges across the province are underfunded and unfortunately dwindles every year. Teachers are unhappy with this situation, the way they are paid and the lack of tools and resources they need to be successful at their jobs.

Students and teachers entrust their institutions with their education, futures and livelihoods but what they get back is outdated courses and outdated learning and testing methods and precarious working conditions. These stress out both students and teachers as course curriculums don’t work for either the students or the teachers delivering it.

The current state of college institutions is very flawed and needs to be changed. The post-secondary school system doesn’t seem to be a priority has become expendable to the government which is why cuts to education always seem to be the easiest and the first idea to come to their mind.

This can change and we have the power to change this through the people we choose to elect. People that will take responsibility for the things impacting our community and our students who are supposed to be the future.  This is why it is important for all of us as students to take part in this election and speak up for what we care for. Voting in the right candidate who supports good post-secondary education policies is highly important and I hope all students take part in this election as our futures are on the line.

It is important for all of us as college students to take part in this election and speak up for what we care for!