Quality Education

  • $7,692
    Per Student Funding in Ontario VS
    in the rest of Canada 
  • 31:1
    Student-Faculty Ratio in Ontario
    in the rest of Canada

The Problem

Declining levels of public funding for post-secondary education weakens the quality of education in our province and hurts Ontario students.

  • Ontario post-secondary institutions are no longer public institutions, as government funds account for less than 50% of their operating budgets.
  • Ontario has the highest tuition fees in the country.
  • Ontario students carry the greatest amount of student debt in the country.

The working conditions of faculty instructors and institutional staff are the learning conditions of students.

  • Professors and course instructors must contend with increasing class sizes without increases in faculty staffing.
  • Many full-time positions for university and college faculty and staff are being cut, limiting students’ ability to receive the services and quality of post-secondary education they deserve.
  • Overworked and underpaid conditions for college and university staff and faculty impact campus workers’ mental and physical health while compromising students’ academic success.

Students Respond

For over 30 years, students across the province have been fighting for affordable, accessible and high quality post-secondary education.

The Federation brings student representatives from across the province to Toronto every year where they meet with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) at Queen’s Park. During this time representatives present the Federation’s pre-budget submission to individual MPPs in advance of the provincial budget.


The Solution

Post-secondary institutions provide an essential service in today’s economy, creating spaces for learning and innovation and offer pathways for personal development. Rather than continuously increasing student fees year after year and providing short term funding solutions to a chronically underfunded post-secondary education system, political parties in this election must commit to:

  • Providing institutions with robust and consistent financial support.
  • Addressing increased student enrolment.
  • Ending inactive full-time faculty hiring.

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Fairness for students is more funding to improve and maintain a high-quality post-secondary education.