• 60%
    Students take public transit to school
  • 150%
    Amount that transit fares have increased since 2010
  • $1,200
    Average spending per year on transit fares

The Problem

Students need a transit system that does not break the bank.

  • Students use public transit to commute between class, work, the grocery store, and a variety of other places they need to go in their busy lives.
  • Many students travel between different regions, causing them to pay into multiple transit systems.
  • Skyrocketing tuition fees, increase in precarious work and spikes in the cost of living have made transit less affordable.

In addition to high transit fares, many students struggle with transit inaccessibility.

  • Lack of wheelchair accessible platforms across all systems of transit in the province.
  • Transit routes and timings are inconsistent, impacting students’ busy schedules.
  • Public transit has become unreliable, particularly in Northern Ontario.

Students Respond

From fare reductions to a greater number of routes, Ontario’s students are fighting for a more accessible transit system by pressuring provincial and municipal governing bodies to invest in public transit to keep these systems publicly owned and operated.

The Federation plans to produce a report based on the results of an Ontario transit survey in order to propose alternative solutions to ensure commutes are efficient in getting students from point A to point B.

The Solution

It is time to push the provincial government to support publicly owned and operated transit, affordable fares and accessible infrastructure.

Become a part of these efforts by pressuring political parties to:

  • Increase funding to keep transit public.
  • Subsidize transit fares for students.
  • Consult students and other stakeholders when upgrading and building new transit infrastructure.

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Fairness for students is a publicly funded transit system that is affordable and accessible to all.